one of MANY xPaPaDx Projects going on at once. lol

GETTING THERE! …work in progress!

she’s coming along! New custom red grips, new custom red stem/handlebar mount, new custom red front-fork extention, new custom red handle-bar extension mount, new custom brakes including lines, hydraulic calipers, and red-center-floating rotors ,new shift mechanism, new 7-speed rear derailleur, new shorty fenders, got the gearshift sensor for the motor installed etc. just needs the new seat, the motor and battery themselves put in with the chain put on, and a few adjustments to the length of the hydraulic hoses since they’re a bit too long. After that I’ll be ready to keep up with traffic at 30MPH average for almost 50 miles a charge! Also have to adjust all 36 spokes in each wheel for tension since when you buy a pre-fab bike it’s never put together properly. Case in point, the front wheel’s axle was put in BACKWARDS when I got it. Fixed that right away along with many other issues. Soon, it’ll be a well-oiled spider She’s already 3/4 of the way there! #BlackWidow2.0Build-2022

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I'm 46, play drums, video games, and work on eMTB (ebikes) all from my parents basement|garage!
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