Well, I’ve made some serious progress…

Hello peeps! This is my first official blog post, and while I’m horrible at punctuation, sentence structure, AND grammar, I don’t care.

I’ll keep this one short. (yeah right! you should get yer coffee and pajamas now…)
I’m done putting the triggers in, the mesh heads on etc. and I’ve had a mixed experience with this build.

I’ll start out by saying that the Pearl Roadshow JR couldn’t be made by pearl, I think it’s out-sourced by some cheap chinese company. The wood is weak, but well glued, however the hardware is horridly cheap and you have to be VERY careful not to bend and/or break it! Especially the lugs! I’ve already snapped one and not from over-tightening, just because the threads are very weak and the pilot threads in the actual lugs on the female side aren’t done cleanly. It’s almost Impossible NOT to cross-thread, and if/when you do, you’ll most certainly snap a lug. No big deal just order replacement parts…oops. those are impossible to find online. EVERYTHING ROADSHOW (regular) is easy to find, but the JR line is some cheap chinese crap that I cannot find replacements for.

I’m thinking about purchasing a second kit ($319 can’t expect much but they’re not as bad as I thought, more on that later)
and be a bit more careful and precise (even more than I already was) and redo the kick drum, and use the 2nd 8″ and 10″ to make it 4 toms like my Alesis Strike Module has room for.

After soldering all the connections to make it semi-permanent (I Figured if a piezo(s) go bad I can cut the wires, put on quick connects then etc.) I found out that the damn side-triggers aren’t as good due to the single ply heads bouncing so much and I’m getting multi-triggering problems. THAT is solvable in the module and with some tweaking so no big deal just more work.

I’ll be buying the truss channel brackets at home depot to make the 8″,10″,13″ toms CENTER triggers like the snare and that’ll take care of it.

lots done, lots to do. I’ll keep updating here whether anyone reads it or not.
Have a good one!



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