Black Widow 2.0 is finished!

$1,800 later, she’s got the power and features of a $4-5k+ production eBike, but my own reliability ’cause I know every part of her, and all her secrets, and built her myself. YES I bought the bike from Walmart, but does this LOOK like a walmart bike to you? (spoiler alert, the answer is no) frame stripped and repainted, forks re-done/sealed, new tires, spokes, re-built hubs with new axles, and better industrial grease, new 203mm floating custom disc brake rotors with single-piston Schimano hydraulic brakes, custom fitted with machined red-caliper mounts, new custom grips, new custom stem, new custom steering fork extension, front 4kLumen dual lights, rear tail lights, (bright AF) 36 spoke reflectors, new seat, custom shorty fenders, custom kick-stand, BAFANG 1,500w BBSHD with custom controller, DPC-18 screen, 48v 11AH battery (will be adding another soon for range purposes) custom chain guard, and a couple bags to hold a toolkit for just about anything that could happen, flat tires, loosening bolts (most are locktite set) and more! Also added a new 7-speed trigger shifter, re-did the shifter/brake lines from scratch etc. Only things left to do: get new competition front forks(for a smoother ride and more stability. Even though I did rebuild the stock forks to make them a bit stronger and more reliable, they’re still the stock forks) and grab a newer 52V battery with a higher capacity for more range and torque. 150nm already of torque, this bike will beat even a hell-cat off the line. no joke it’ll lift the front wheel so ya gotta respect this kinda power. Of course its’ only 750w if anyone asks 😊

About Derek xPaPaDx Frampton

I'm 46, play drums, video games, and work on eMTB (ebikes) all from my parents basement|garage!
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