Got the motor/battery/wiring 99% done today. Also put on the pedals and chainring. Put on the rear-rack and rear rack bag as well and will soon add the front handle-bar bag for more storage etc. A few finishing touches to the wiring, getting the new chain on, finishing the rear-rack mounting and I just need to true the wheels spoke by spoke as they’re not trued correctly (pains of buying a pre-assembled wally world bike and then replacing EVERYTHING but the frame while even Repainting the frame as well lol) Black Widow 2.0 is GETTING THERE!!!! (she’s not perfect, but then again what woman IS? :trollface: ) I just need function over form and she’s not bad looking either. Still saved about $2,500USD by doing it myself, and get a better performing and more reliable eMTB out of the work! worth it! New red seat, red bell, white reflective spoke covers like BW1.0 had on the way

About Derek xPaPaDx Frampton

I'm 46, play drums, video games, and work on eMTB (ebikes) all from my parents basement|garage!
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