Welcome to my site!

HI! I’m Derek Frampton and I’ll be uploading NEW content in 2019.
This site is my go-to supplement for any social media even though I use Facebook and other platforms as well. Most things will always happen first on this site!
I’m currently purchasing new equipment every 3 months to complete the build of my basement drum studio.
I’ve been working on this project for over a year (almost 2) and It’s slow going but will be worth it in the end.
Right now I need more microphones, more drum and audio rack parts, mic cables, some lighting, and that’s about it.
Once I get all these items and set the drums back up again I can start recording videos to upload to YouTube for now, possibly my own CDN (content delivery network) in the future.
I’m not planning to make money off of this channel/blog, but I do want to share my love of music, playing drums, recording, and gear in general!
Please consider helping me if you want to see what I have in store as my income is fixed and I’m
pretty darn broke these days! you can find my paypalDOTme address in the description of my site.
ANY help is appreciated.

Soon I will post more on me, and what I’m about including my plans for this studio, and the future of my blog/youtube channel now that It’s all setup and ready to go!
Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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I live in Nebraska, USA!

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