Production desk project DONE!

aleSHITS (Alesis) products that *ACTUALLY WORK* are shown above; at least the rack parts are good for something:)

Due to financial strain on a fixed income and life bullshit, I haven’t been able to buy anything for my studio in a couple months.
Here’s the latest though… there’s a long story behind this desk.
The short of it is: I bought my first electronic drum kit in 2010… cheapie $700 (they can easily be $7k for a good one) to start playing again.
Through the kindness and generosity of family and friends I’ve been able to purchase about 10 more since then and trade up each time something more realistic and feature-rich came along to try and achieve that acoustic-like playability that most eKits don’t have unless you buy upwards of $4,000 kits and above which I frankly could not do. After a couple years of trying to get the best eDrum setup and do youtube videos I’d come to a decision I couldn’t afford the better kits no matter how hard I tried or how much money I spent as I couldn’t come up with the capital all at once. BUT since I already bought a mid-level pro acoustic kit from Pearl to convert to electronic I had an out.
I decided almost a year ago now that I need to go back to my drumming roots by getting an acoustic kit and setting that up, now that I have new studio space.
I didn’t have real cymbals, I didn’t have microphones, stands, cables etc. for acoustic as everything I had was electronic based and that’s a story for another time/post.

In the 7 1/2 years I’d been accumulating stuff for my eKit I’d spent over $700 on drum rack pieces/parts alone for eDrums. When I decided that I needed to go back to acoustic drums, I knew I needed an acoustic drum rack to mount it all on as unfortunately the rack I had was all made for eDrums, which is a much lighter version, hence I needed to sell the rack on eBay or Reverb or some other site to get the money I need for the new rack that could hold all the extra weight of an acoustic )real( drum kit.

Over $700 worth of like-new parts I could only get an offer of $140!! (plus me paying for shipping) screw eBay etc.

Another relevant long story short; I needed a production desk where I could use studio monitors, have space for my computer, and use a desktop mixer at some point.
As it turns out these desks are expensive, starting at around $300 for a cheap entry-level version and I just couldn’t’ justify spending that when I need so much else for the audio equipment to finish my home-studio.

ENTER FATE: I had 2 pieces of MDF left-over from what I’m using for the drum platform under the rug and they just so happened to be 4×2 and 4×1!
This is exactly what I need as a perfect fit for the two-tier desk!

After buying the nuts, bolts, and vinyl covering I used the old rack parts to create a frame for the desk and the rest is history!

So far so good! Starting in 2019 I’ll be able to complete my recording studio setup for my drums, and a couple keyboards and go from there to start uploading videos on youtube! Stay tuned!


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