It’s March… now what?

So… It’s March and I’m completely behind on my April deadline for opening up my studio to the world and getting started on making drum covers for uploading them to youtube. Music equipment is so ridiculously expensive, and I’ve had some health issues pop up, and some “life” stuff as well that has derailed this project. Currently I should be able to get things going around June or July to where I can start recording and uploading vids. I still have to get a cable snake, a couple more microphones, all the cables (xlrs for mics) and a complete rack for my kit. I thought about getting cymbal stands and tom holders etc. but that would cost 3x as much as a new Gibraltar rack, and 2x as much as a nice Pearl Icon rack, so I’m going month by month at now $90 instead of $150 as I have new monthly payments I cannot get out of. Doing this on a fixed income is almost impossible and I have zero outside help. Now I’m working with almost half what I was before financially. It’s ok though this is my project and I won’t owe as many thank you’s when it’s done. (It’ll never be done, just ready to be used and then go from there).
If any of you reading this (yes you over there in the corner) wish to help me out, I do take donations at to help with the cost of this expensive equipment. If your philanthropy tugs at you to be of help to me and this project, your name will be featured in EVERY video I do from start to whenever in the end credits etc. I will be blogging more often with studio updates, gear thoughts, etc.
Thanks for reading!

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