Hello all!

Since this is my first “official” blog, I’ll start by saying welcome to my site and this place is all about drums and music for the most part!
I’m on a fixed income as my site-banner says, and it’s taken me the better part of 12 YEARS to get this far!
(Started in 2010 with a combo Roland TD-8/Alesis Pro USB kit & Pintech Cymbals)
I did have an amazing 7-piece Pearl Decade Maple in Redburst acoustic kit with Meinl Cymbals that cost around $4k with cymbals, rack, drums, the works BUT I couldn’t handle the acoustic loudness in the small and only room I could use as a studio (which is currently my entire house/room as I had to move in with family due to the china virus and all the bullshit currently going on in this bat-shit crazy world, but more on that later.. maybe…)
This is why I had to sell the gorgeous kit (sad face BUT it’s ok ’cause…) and purchase a small $320 Pearl Roadshow JR. Kids drumset to convert to an Electronic kit while taking the acoustic drum shells, and putting mesh heads with custom DIY Triggers and wiring them up myself.
Yes I did say myself, IE this kit is entirely converted from Acoustic to Electronic by me!
mesh heads, triggers, Roland cymbals, mixers, software and other stuff took up what I’d gotten back out of that acoustic kit (about 1/8 of what it’s worth IE Retail Inflation woes) and with the cash left over I built what you see now in the last pic.

ANYWAY I could go on forever but I’ll leave this first blog short as there will be more in the future.
I’m currently working on a way for people to sign up here and comment, post and interact with me so bare with me!
Stay tuned!


About Derek xPaPaDx Frampton

I'm 46, play drums, video games, and work on eMTB (ebikes) all from my parents basement|garage!
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