Hi! (as you may have deduced)
I’m Derek Frampton! AKA “xPaPaDx” & “PaPaFrampton”
I’ve been playing drums since I was 8 years old.
I enjoy cooking, gaming, coding video games,
web-authoring, hanging out with friends and family,
camping out in the elements, almost anything on 2 wheels,
movies, Youtube videos, old TV shows, and MORE!

I CAN’T STAND and have ZERO patience|tolerance for:
socialist|marxist|liberal|communist governments; crooked police-people.
I’m a hermit, and people are evil until proven otherwise!
Don’t mistake these facts for me having a lack of empathy;
truth is I have way too much of it at times:)
This is just a small website to express myself as I see fit.
So far that’s just enough for me.

For the mid-level to hardcore PC gamers out there,
I run my own gaming clan over at: