About Derek

Hello! I’m Derek Frampton AKA 1PaPaD1.
I live in Eastern Nebraska.
Just FYI the “fixed income” thing is real.
I’m partially disabled, and still fighting for disability.
While I suffer the pain of foot/leg/neck/back/nerve damage, along with severe lung/respiratory issues:
I’m still able to play drums for the most part.

Thankfully my fixed income is from a family member.
I’m unable to be gainfully employed.

Enough about my “issues” but for more insight:

I started drumming at age 8 when my grandfather gave me an old 4-piece leedy/ludwig drum set. I played that kit quite a bit ’till I was 16 and never played it again. The kit is unfortunately gone and MAN do I regret it. What a kit to restore it would have been!
I’m now 46. It’s been my DREAM for decades to have my own “drumming studio” with my own brand new drum kit, which I’ve never had through financial failures, children, marriage, divorce, apartments etc I was never in the right frame of life to have an actual drum set.
FINALLY after 10 years of scrimping, saving, heartache and failures with many electronic kits and a couple of acoustic kits etc. I’ve got one!
Thank you to my incredibly amazing father, my friends Rick, and Mark, and and old flame (Thank you Nancy)
as without you all this dream of mine would have never been possible!

…interested in watching my failures as well as my successes? I’ll be showcasing these
realities and much more here on this site via TWITCH.tv!

(yes I’ll be posting my videos directly on this website, and NOT ewwtube due to DMCA/copyright/greed and violations of the Fair Use Act. Youtube is evil.)

Thanks for droppin’ in I’ll be back soon with a video introduction!


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