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Registration Agreement

Greetings from Derek !  (Derek Frampton DOT com)

So this is quite a long read I know, but it's necessary for me to be SURE I can remain online and NOT be threatened by smacktards and idiots for any reason!
Please read all of this as I appreciate it!

You agree by registering on this site that you will NOT hold or its respective owner(s) whom from this point on in this document will be known as ; liable for ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER to your computer, or any of your equipment, as well as we, are NOT responsible for your actions in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, including the actions of MINORS or Under-Age children who would falsify their age and register illegally. WE, ARE NOT LIABLE FOR THIS no matter what legal guardian or law enforcement claims may be. IF YOU CLICK AGREE YOU as the person or entity that clicked AGREE are SOLELY responsible for your actions and you agree that no harm will come legally, physically, emotionally or in any other shape or form to anyone who claims to be part of ( For ANY reason regardless of the behavior of our members or guests short of but not limited to unlawful behavior in the state of NEBRASKA in this country The United States of America.

Now that's over... FEW... (wiping brow) ...
I want to personally THANK YOU for your interest in my personal website: Derek Frampton DOT com!
This is a site for musical expression, and for me to host videos and express opinions on music, music gear, and other related musical things.
I've opened my site to guests VIA my approval upon their resitration so they can share their content, opinions, and generally interact with me
and guests here at Derek Frampton DOT com. If you feel you would like to join my small community, and do musical things please continue the
registration process, I will look over your application for an account on this site, and either approve or contact you concerning your application.
Any questions or concerns should be directed via=email to:

I look forward to meeting you!
Kind Regards,
Derek Frampton
Founder: Derek Frampton DOT com